I H.E.A.R.T Flying Business Class

After giving a good bye hug to aRJay outside NAIA Airport Terminal 2, I checked the flight information screens and headed to Philippine Airlines check-in counter. While I was waiting in line, I observed there was a PAL officer who was roaming around and asked almost everyone “where are you going?” I couldn’t believe he was doing that because what is the use of the Departure Boards in every check in counter if he still asked people this question?

It was by now my time to check in. Normally, I would ask the officer to give me an isle or window seat. But, I forgot! When the officer handed me the boarding pass, that was the time I realized my BIG mistake. 5B! Middle seat!! NO waaaaayyy!!! 4 hours flying and cramped in the middle!! A hell torture!

Still mourning about the mistake I made, I approached the immigration line slowly. While queuing there, I just realized that I didn’t have the departure form with me. AGH! So, I quit from the line, went back and got the form, and filled it out.

Remember the “where are you going” officer? Suddenly, he stood right next to me and asked that famous question…

Officer: “Miss, where are you going?”
Rintjez: “I’m going to Singapore, Sir”
Officer: “Are you traveling alone?”
(Rintjez thought “what sort of question is that? Don’t you see I’m alone?”)
Rintjez: “Yes, I am”
Officer: ”Come with me to the check-in counter”
Rintjez: “Sir, Am I in trouble?”
Officer: “No, you are not. I’m actually going to upgrade you to business class”
Rintjez: “You gotta be kidding!!!!!”
Officer: “No, this is for real”

I was starting to jump up and down with glee when I finally received my new boarding pass. MABUHAY CLASS. NO MORE MIDDLE SEAT! BIG RECLINING CHAIR! PILLOW! GREAT FOOD! FREE ALCOHOL (Oh! I don’t drink!), still YYAAAAYYYY……………..

Before I headed back to the immigration line, I talked to the “where are you going” officer. I asked him.
Rintjez: “May I know why I got upgraded to business class?”
Officer: “Miss, it’s just your lucky day”
(Rintjez jaws dropped and felt like giving a big hug and wet kiss to the officer! Haha!)

Long story short, it was great flying business class. I enjoyed every bit of it. I ate a lot because they kept feeding me with great food. I was laughing my ass off watching Tina Fey movie and had a good nap during the flight. The recliner chair was very comfy for 4 hours flying. Everything worked out perfectly!

As soon as I arrived in Changi Airport, I made my way to the Sky Train Station to go to Terminal 1 where Garuda Indonesia check-in counter is located to catch my connecting flight to Pekanbaru, Indonesia. I was 4 hours ahead from the departure schedule, but they let me checked-in early. I handed my passport and my e-ticket to the officer. He typed the booking code in the computer then asked me..

Officer: “Miss, are you flying business?”
Rintjez: “Hmm…I can’t afford to purchase a business class. I’m pretty much sure I’m flying economy class”

He looked at me with a confused look on his face but he didn’t say a word. He continued working. When he handed me the boarding pass, I almost fainted. It says EXECUTIVE CLASS and attached with it, an entrance pass to the Sky View Lounge. Right that minute I asked the officer to make sure that he didn’t make a mistake because it clearly stated in my ticket that I fly economy class. He smiled and said “I don’t make a mistake and you will fly business class. Enjoy.”

Woooo-Woooo!! Flying business class again??? This is the best day in my life!

I proceed to the Sky View Lounge as soon as I stepped in to Transit Mall Terminal 1. Still not believing what happened to me today. What “where are you going” officer said was true.. “IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY”
Indeed it’s my lucky day :)

*traveling is full of surprises! I experienced bad things while I travelled.. but most of the time I experienced countless good things that I will cherish for the rest of my life..


Asian Traveler said...

I'm so envious, you are indeed very lucky rini dear! One of a kind experience. :)

Anonymous said...

waaahhh.. never travelled business class before... i wonder when will be my lucky day.. ahehehhe.. hopefully if it comes, i just bought a lottery ticket. HAAHAHH.

daysandminds said...

Pernah sekali juga diupgrade ke kelas bisnis waktu penerbangan Garuda Jakarta-Makassar. Waktu itu kami udah nyaris ditinggalin pesawat karna macet dari Slipi sampai di airport... Waktu diupgrade ke kelas bisnis, saya dan teman-teman saya langsung punya kesepakatan "Gak boleh tidur di pesawat... semua harus dinikmati hehehe"

mencobahidup said...

Sebentar dibaca dulu panjang bangets sih texnya.Autisnya kayaknya sudah sembuhanya kalau diajak jalan-jalan

mencobahidup said...

ok, dapet!oh jadi ceritanya dapat durian runtuh nih.Kepikir gak si bapak agak naksir?

Ivana said...

waaaahhhh..beruntung buangetz...minta dong jimatnya?hehehe

Rintjez said...

# Asian Traveler:
Yes, it was such an experience :)

# Carlota:
Hahaha...I hope you win the lottery sista, so that you can travel business class!

# daysandminds:
Kalo dah di business class emang jangan sampe tertidur..gw sempet tidur sih 1 jam-an..can't resist not trying the recliner chair! Haha!

# mencobahidup:
Hahaha, kalo bapaknya naksir juga ga papa..yang penting gw di upgrade! hehehe.....

# ivana:
jimatnya...pake minyak senyong-nyong! hahaha....

cipu said...

Hey, rintjez, d u know what? I experience the same lo. I also got the business class on my way to Japan. OMG, it was so comfortable. Hahahaha

Rintjez said...

Wasn't that GRREEAATTT???

Lawstude said...

wowowowow. congratulations. i hope i cud have the same experience. calling all airlines pls pls pls. hehehe.

Christabelle Adeline said...

ihh ka rini kok bisaa?? ck ck ck random amat!

Christabelle Adeline said...

ka, gw link yaa :D

Brokoli sehat said...

"(Rintjez jaws dropped and felt like giving a big hug and wet kiss to the officer! Haha!)"

boo, kenapa lu gak beneran kasih peluk aja, kayaknya lucu tuh hahahha. Btw, gw kayaknya harus travelling sama lu deh, siapa tau gw mendapatkan keberuntungan yang sama heuheueheu

Rintjez said...

# Lawstude:
You don't need to call all airlines! Just bring me with you when you travel! I'll be your good luck charm!! Hahaha!

# Abel:
Hihi, kagak ngarti kenapa bisa begitu. Gw emang lagi beruntung aja :)

# brokoli sehat:
YYYuuuukkkk...travel bareng!!! Dijamin tripnya menyenangkan dan banyak keuntungannya kalo jalan ama gw..hihihi

Ar-wee-der-yet said...

What???? You travelled in business class in two separate occassions on the same day. You are not lucky, You are blessed!

Rintjez said...

# Ar-wee-der-yet:
Yes, I'm blessed :)

Anonymous said...

whohoho... you are truly blessed!

Rinaldi said...

waduh..panjang bngt text nya..ampe pusing baca hehueheu