Puerto Galera, Philippines

White beach and Sabang in Puerto Galera are my regular getaway destinations since they are close to Silang, Cavite the place where I lived. These two places have nice white sandy beach, crystal clear water and great ambience to loosen up all the stress I have from work and study too much. What I normally do there is snorkeling and scuba diving. The underwater world is awesome. Below is a piece of story about my experience in Sabang, Philippines with my best travel buddy in the whole world, Randy.

Randy who is famous for being "Mr. Planner" decided to be spontaneous and came up with the idea of going scuba diving to Puerto Galera with only a day preparation. We only did a little research on where to stay and made a phone call to Action Diver Dive Shop only a night before we went.

I did all the packing on Friday morning and at noon we started our journey. It took about 1,5 hours to go to Batangas peer by van. We caught up in the heavy traffic that afternoon and almost missed the boat to Puerto Galera. We had a great boat ride to Puerto Galera. We saw school of Dolphins and they jumped in the air so many times. It was really neat.

Once the boat stopped in Puerto Galera, we were confused. We didn’t know that Puerto Galera has several beaches and we had no idea that the place where we would stay located on which island. (I realized that doing research is important when you are traveling in a new place).

So, I told Randy not to worry because the place where would stay is located on White Beach island (eventhough I wasn’t sure either!). We took a tricycle and asked the driver to bring us to White Beach. It was a long trip and when we arrived, we only found out that we went to the wrong beach! We supposed to go to Sabang! It was already dark and I was frustruated and upset with myself. But, there was no choice, we had to go back to Sabang.

The trip to Sabang was longer, bumpier and scarier! Randy was kinda making fun of me and made some comments about being spontaneous (jeezz) Once we arrived on Sabang the torture continued on. To reach
Portofino, the place where we would stay, we had to walk like 10K! Walking on the sand and carried my diving gears was a real pain in the ass. Could any trips be more tormenting than this???

The next day we went to
Action Diver Dive Shop to check the diving schedule and I decided to dive at noon. I was kinda nervous because this would be the first time I dove without Keith. But it turned out to be the bestest one! I saw a green turtle and different kind of anemones! It was totally different underwater view from Palau since Philippines is famous for its macros. My second dive was interesting because it was a drift-dive and the current was so strong, but I had a chance to saw different kind of nudibranchs. My third dive was in Sabang wreck. When we descend, we were welcomed by school of batfish. On the wreck, I saw 3 different FROG FISH, snake eel and couple of Scorpion fishes :)

Randy and I had a blast in Sabang! We enjoyed the torture to got there (haha), the sunset, the stars, the white sandy beach, the great underwater world, or just simply relaxing. We went back to Sabang a couple of times after and never got lost again. Haha.. we learned our lesson :)

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