Mount Batulao, Philippines

Mount Batulao is located in Nasugbu, Batangas which is 1,5 hours from Silang, Cavite. One of famous mountains for mount climbers in Philippines. It was Mr. Dunder’s idea to go there for HIKING. I was really excited about going since it would be my first experience hiking in Philippines.

We rode a jeepney to reach the foothill and continued walking and hiking for hours like there is no ending. It was really tough because I was totally out of shape and the sun was killing me!!

After walking and hiking like For-EVER we finally could see (..only see) the top of the mountain. Then Mr. Dunder challenged us if we want to hike to reach the top. Some of us decided to give it a try, some was a bit hesitate and some were crying (haha!). It was totally hard for amateur people like us to do this and it was acceptable to cry at that moment :) But I did not.. I was strong like BULL!

After a long brainwashing process, all of us decided to go up. Jeezz, it was harder than before and I almost passed out suffering from the heat and dehydration. Unfortunately, me and the group made it!!

Euforia!! Such an achievement!! Everyone suddenly forgot about what they had been gone through. What I could heard was people were “ooohhhh-ing and aaaahhh-ing”.. admiring the beauty of the nature. An awesome view of green pasture and hills were entertaining our eyes as fas as we could see.

Unbelievably remarkable. I thank God for the beautiful nature he gives us to enjoy..


Daniel said...

This picture with you hiking up the mountain is the best one! As I told you: so much joy in your face (...and pain in ur legs...hihi) :P No, I really love it. Great shot!

Rintjez said...

Hahaha, yeah I was trying to give my best smile while my legs were trembling.. haha!!!

Thanks to my friend who took this picture :)