Boracay, Philippines

Randy and I learned our lessons! So this time, we did our homework :) We did a lot of researches about Boracay Island for about a month before our departure date. We flew from Manila to Kalibo with Cebu Pacific and took a bus to go to Caticlan. It took us 2 hours to reach Caticlan, but it was a jolly ride. The view is amazing because we could see the ocean on one side and the rice paddies on the other side. After we arrived in Caticlan peer, a guy from 3-5-7 Boracay Resort picked us up and helped loading our bags to the boat. Another 20 minutes to reach the destination and finally we were on White Beach of Boracay!

Our first stop to snorkel was Crocodile Island. It was so pretty and the fishes were very friendly. Despite of the strong current, we were so happy being in the water! We found NEMO, Lobster, soft corals and we fed different kind of fishes! In this spot, you could fee the fishes easily.

The next stop was Crystal Cove. We had to hike and walked down through a steep stairs also crawled through a tunnel to be able to snorkel there. It was worth doing because the water was as clear as crystal and warm and no current! Randy and I jumped into the water and started to explore the underwater view. It was great until I saw a SEA SNAKE!! I was scared to death and started swimming away and left Randy all alone and freaked out. Haha. Both of us almost got heart attack! :D

There are many dive shops on the island but we decide to dive with
Calypso Diving Resort. I went to Balihay wall with Jade, the dive guide and Masa, a Japanese guy. It was a good dive. I saw a baby stingray, lion fishes and pigmy horse and sea snake! (not again...:D) At noon we went back to Calypso because Randy was going to take a Discover Scuba Diving class. He was very nervous since he doesn't know how to swim but as soon as he suited up, put on his diving gear and jumped into the water he was excited! It took an hour for him in the swimming pool to learn basic knowldege of diving. That afternoon we had to dive in different dive spots since Randy is not certified yet. My dive at Fridays Rock was awesome! We dove with school of bat fishes around us, I got to see different nudibranchs, 3 kinds of puffers and a FROG FISH! Randy enjoyed his diving as well. He found NEMO! The funny thing that Randy told me was his instructor had to drag him around :D

This is the activity that we enjoyed the most while we were there. We enjoyed the sunset on a sailboat that brought us around Boracay Island. Very romantic and relaxing. But, always get ready to get wet...

Boracay is so alive at night! There are so many choices of food and places to eat on the beach and you could enjoyed live music too! We ate at Hobbit House, pretty unique experience. Buffet is very cheap and the food are great, mostly cost less than Php300. Shopping still can be done at the D Mall Boracay. It's a nice complex to hang out and sightseeing. Challenge yourself to try Wall Climbing in that area!

Beside enjoying the nature, we learned that sometimes we need to step out from our comfort zone to try new things. I'm very proud of Randy to try scuba diving eventhough he doesn't know how to swim and really enjoyed it! We really enjoyed our time in Boracay and wished it didn't come to an end :) We got back to Manila and unpacked our dirty cloths, exhausted but the memories stay in our minds forever.


sad love story said...

you have a great boracay experience

sad love story said...

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Rintjez said...

Thank you for your comment and hotel recommendation my friend :)

Daniel said...

Love ur pics :)

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Daniel, thank you :)

Love your pics too!! As you know, I'm a big fan of your pictures. Haha!

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And you find NEMO! Hihi... :)

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Haha...yeah I did! Hihihi... :)