Motorbike Ocean..

I had absolutely no idea that there are millions of motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City and the riders never follow the rules! Who knows, maybe that is the only way to survive riding a motorbike in HCMH. Haha! Even though I’m from Indonesia, where there are many motorbikes, I still experienced motorbike overload!

My very first night in HCMC, I had dinner with Trinh a local friend who is
Shaun’s friend. We went to the Ben Thanh Market riding her motorbike and I was scared to death sitting and praying quietly! The traffic was CRAZY! Thank God, Trinh is a good driver (DOH, what do you expect, she’s Vietnamese). We arrived safely and had a great meal.

After eating, I roamed around the night market alone since Trinh had another appointment with her friends.
My jaw dropped when I saw a motorbike ocean on the street in front of the Ben Thanh market. Christmas was coming and there was a huge Heineken Christmas Decoration set up around the area. All the locals wanted to bring their kids to go see the decorations and a million motorbikes filled the area. I COULDN’T CROSS THE STREET!!!

I was trying to be brave and just force my way across the street. But, I ended up stuck in the middle of the street and could not move! I was trapped in the motorbike ocean! Pleaseee...somebody helped me to take me out of here!! Within a few minutes I finally could walk across the street and made it in complete safety! Probably because they felt sorry for me! Nyahaha!

I learned my lesson that night and I could give you good advice when it comes to crossing the street in HCMC. Just CLOSE your eyes and cross the street! Do NOT HAVE EYE CONTACT with the motorbike riders! Trust me; they wouldn’t hit you if you don’t have eye contact with them!! Haha!

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