Jellyfish Lake, Palau

You can’t miss Jellyfish Lake when you go to Palau. It is a MUST to visit this place. This spectacular thing can only be found in two places in the whole world. One in Derawan-Indonesia and the other one are here, in Palau.

Jellyfish Lake is located somewhere around the Rock Islands. Since the lake is a bit isolated, you need to exercise your hiking and climbing skill to get there. It’s not hard at all. In fact, it’s really fun!

The lake is a salt water lake, trapping the jellyfish that live there and also developed their symbiosis with photosynthetic algae. As a result, they lost their ability to sting.

Uh oh, so does it mean they are sting less jellyfish?? Yes, they are!! You don’t have to worry to get rashes from touching the jellyfish!

During the day the jellyfish follow the cycle of the sun. Normally the jellyfish head toward the surface to harness the sun's energy when the sun bright over the lake. The lake is a fragile ecosystem. Visitors are allowed to swim with the jellyfish but it is recommended that you do not use fins and swim slowly and carefully as to not disturb the jellyfish.

It’s magical to swim, snorkeling and diving with millions of jellyfish around you! I was thrilled! I bet you will too :)


nca said...

pengen snorkelingg..

Rintjez said...

Nca, yuukkk snorkeling yuukk... kalo ga kesampean snorkeling di jellyfish lake.. di bath tub kamar mandi aja.. hahaha...

Asian Traveler said...

How I wish I can do snorkeling, the problem is I'm not a good swimmer. I envy you my friend.

Keep on posting Palau! :)

gromps said...

aaah ini pasti dusta! imposibel! cant bi tru.
manamungkin ada stingless jellyfish
*nyolot sampe leher berurat
laenkali kalo jalan ajak ajak ya!
*tetep nyolot

Rintjez said...

Asian Traveler:
You can use life vest to snorkel :) It helps you floating :)Come on..nothing can stop you! Try try try!

I will keep posting Palau :) Many more to come :)

Rintjez said...

Hahaha, saya tidak berdusta tuan. Ini sungguh-sungguh fenomena alam yang sangat spektakuler. Blleehh..

Yuukkk akhir taun ini backpacking sama gw. Rencananya mau ke Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos...

Hahaha, jangan nyolot lagi dong sama gw :)

kegler747 said...

Too bad that Asian Spirit discontinued their Davao-Palau route.

Rintjez said...

Really??? Too bad... they had a very good deal before.

You can still fly Continental Airlines though. It's a bit costly :(

bermula said...

jadi pengen tau gimana nikmatnya snorkelingg,..
Nice post
thanks dah visit blog saya.

Rintjez said...

Mau tau nikmatnya snorkeling? Asik banget.. berenang ditemenin sama ikan-ikan kecil. Apalagi sama uur-ubur tak bersengat :) Ayoo segera dicoba kalo liburan ke Bali ato daerah pantai lainnya :)

Makasih juga udah mampir ke blog aku :)

Daniel said...

These jellyfish pics are simply stunning! Love them. I once saw many fascinating pics at Monterea bay aquarium... but it is way more cool in "real life". *sigh*

Rintjez said...

Yes Daniel, no comparison between pictures and real life :) If you can't make it to Palau. Go to Derawan Island in Indonesia :)

I know you wanna backpacking to Indonesia with your girls :)

Turis Gembel said...

Rin, fotonya bagus...serasa di dunia imajiner, dengan jelly fish yang lembut (padahal nyengat kan ya?:D)

Rintjez said...

Turis gembel:
Twin, jellyfish-nya ga nyengat lho... fenomenal banget kan???

Selain di Palau, ada di Derawan :)
Yang deket aja ke Derawan. Haha!

faye said...

ohh lots of jelly fish..
nice photos my friend!!!

Rintjez said...

Yes, lots and lots of them! Haha!

Btw, thanks for visiting :)