Amazing Palau is being published online in http://www.indobackpacker.com/

When I opened Indobackpacker Website yesterday, I was surprised because my article “AMAZING PALAU” is being published there. I was so overwhelmed and my heart was full of joy! I was jumping up and down in my office until I realized, some officemates gave me a weird look! So, I stopped doing it right away. Haha!

It really made my day.. I’m so proud of myself..

Visit the website by click AMAZING PALAU if you wanna read the complete review.


Anonymous said...

congratulations.. none of my blogs have been published anywhere yet.. I would have volunteered freely even if they don't like it.. ahahahaah. Take care and have a safe trip to manila. Ciao.

Brokoli sehat said...

Boo, tulisan lu asik dibaca. Kenapa gak bikin buku aja sih?

Rintjez said...

Brokoli Sehat:
Aku bercita-cita pengen bikin buku, sama kayak elu :D
Mari kita doakan mimpi ini semoga terwujud :D

Sista, keep writing :) You never know when your time comes :)

Asian Traveler said...

Congrats sister! I'm happy for you. :)

Btw, thanks for dropping by. I hope you had a good laugh. hehe

Rintjez said...

Asian Traveler:
Thanks for the congratz sista :)

Yes, I had a good laugh!!!

Daniel said...

Congrats, Rini! :)

Rintjez said...

Thank you :)